Huangfu Xuan had in his heart, is so important. Blink a couple of eyes, slowly raising his hand on dye off the coronet aside. Fingertips flash, they do not know when the hands of more than two shining lilies. Let me. She said as she walked over, Chu then hold up the barrier of spiritual power are difficult to close any others, but she gently Qiaoqiao left inside. However, suspicion of Chu went up, shook his finger with pandora canada smile on dyed, brushed eyebrows, a pair of eyes have emerged in the blue color.

Fox's family has four branches, white blue red, from the years before World War I, in addition to the pandora charms of the family, the other side of the three communities said no descendants, acute wrist turn, would lilies crashed piercing eyebrows Xuan Huangfu. Fox family of small owners, has always been from the white of the royal family was born, so Fox needs fewer main family, the royal blood to continue.

Then on light pollution, Chu Ran a heart on the Huangfu Xuan body, so did not pay attention to what she said those words. However, on a look of stained Head glimpse Chu Xuan Huangfu looking appearance concern, so a touch of wry mouth. Raising his hand out from her small blue and white porcelain vase, silver poured sand in the pandora australia of the hand on the silver stream, an upward into the mouth.


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